Aug 25 2013
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I’ve taken way too many pictures of my sisters cat this is ridiculous

Aug 25 2013


So I’ve been away from this account for nearly a year if not over a year and yet I’ve only lost 5 followers. thanks I guess? I’m extremely bored so I’m going to try and start this blog up again. if any of you care, here is what’s happened in my life since last time:
-I’m now a senior in highschool and am at the ripe old at of 17
- I’ve got a new job, and possibly getting a second one
- I’ve made new friends,reconnected with old ones, and have forgiven and forgotten.
- I’ve gone through another relationship, which has ended, though I’m am on good terms with my ex.
- pretty much lost all my creativity but I’m trying to start up again

stay tuned,

my ever silent followers

Dec 12 2012
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mom: why is there a hispanic man scaling our balcony with a tool belt on
me: i am juliet
me: and he is my romeo
me: no, i'm just kidding please call the cops

Aug 31 2012
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Aug 31 2012

Aug 26 2012

Oh gawd

Bawling so hard right now and my sister isnt even leaving for college for another two days.i think I’m just going to turn into a puddle of tears when we leave her in her dorm.

Aug 05 2012


I made an art blog :D of my drawings and art I like.. I’ll post its URL once it has more than one picture xD

Jul 02 2012

Guys. Guys

Guys. Today is my sweet 16.

That would be awesome if this was my cake, but I think i’m only getting ice cream today since im saving it for a birthday sleepover c: BUT GAIZ…im 16… you know what this means I’ll be doing today….?







That’s right. Nothing until dinner time. WOO.

I’m actually excited though. I don’t feel 16…maybe when one of my job applications actually works…

Jun 16 2012
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It really seems like my boyfriend doesn’t give a shit about me anymore. Won’t be surprised if he dumps me soon honestly.


Jun 14 2012
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You have no idea how long I laughed at this…


You have no idea how long I laughed at this…

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